Stories of love, loss and fantasy

Perched, on the highest post of the tallest tree, a crow sits shivering.
Thirteen more surround him, from underneath.
The unlucky few; their jealousy spills out in squeaks and squawks.
For the crow that sings a sweet song, is a lonely bird indeed.

A Few Dates


Image by Mark Quigley

‘Little Ghost’ @ The Live Lounge II

‘Little Ghost’ coming soon


Test shots for new video underway


‘The Machine’ first single from HyperGiant on Soundcloud


Market Bar Dundalk , Sunday 21st of July

A huge thanks to Michelle, The Market Bar, Sai and Niall, Finnian and Paul for a great night of music and fun! And a massive thank you to all of you who came out, I was blown away by the turn out, you are all fantastic people. Shane.


July Dates will be announced soon

Elephant Gig Dates June July

Elephant Hyper Giant Album Coming Soon

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