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‘Little Ghost’ coming soon


Test shots for new video underway


‘The Machine’ first single from HyperGiant on Soundcloud


Market Bar Dundalk , Sunday 21st of July

A huge thanks to Michelle, The Market Bar, Sai and Niall, Finnian and Paul for a great night of music and fun! And a massive thank you to all of you who came out, I was blown away by the turn out, you are all fantastic people. Shane.


July Dates will be announced soon

Elephant Gig Dates June July

Elephant Hyper Giant Album Coming Soon

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Elephant Cards

We made up these little cards for fridays gig and we were looking for an excuse to share another preview of HyperGiant. Enjoy!

Elephant – Making the Card from elephant band on Vimeo.

Boiling Water Bin Live@theSpiritStore

Boiling Water Bin Live@theSpiritStore from elephant band on Vimeo.

Friday 22nd March : Spirit Store

With the debut album HyperGiant close to completion, Shane Clarke and his second-self, Elephant, will be united again for only the second time.

It will be an alt-folk flight of fancy for all your ear holes to enjoy. This will be a solo show, which there may not be many of, so get your fingers out

elephant gig poster shane clarke taine king mmmtaine taineking

Burying the Stoics

All the holes I dug wiped out and opened up. Body parts thrown beyond my eye line and me in no humour to go collect. There’s a ringing in my ears. It’s been this way since it started. Though fading, it remains difficult to hear them calling for assistance. Accumulation and relocation is what’s required but why am I the only one doing all the work? Yes, my appendages are still attached but my bones are soft and I’m tired of hauling all these bits and pieces on my back, trying to keep it all together. What’s the point anyway? They’ll just drop another one tonight, the ground will shake and all my hard work from the day will be undone. I wish they’d get on with it, drop the big one. Disintegration. There’s no coming back from that! And if there is… I ‘aint cleaning it up.